hi, we're kelight

Kelight is a specialist in storytelling through lighting design.‌ We create unique lighting experiences for leisure and entertainment projects across the globe.‌ Everything we design is entirely bespoke‌,‌ designed to create meaningful connections and memorable moments in life.

hi, we're kelight

How lighting immerses your audience

Visual storytelling enables a deeper connection with the audience. Light and color have the magical power to evoke emotion, and bring stories to life. Kelight gets to the essence of the story behind, and create immersive lighting experiences that connect and engage the audience.

virtual design

Breathe life into the lighting designs

We offer a distinctive quality and expertise in entertainment lighting design. Our virtual workflow and visualization methods allow us to easily work with design agencies, art directors and architects worldwide. It makes design processes more efficient and streamlined, so we can focus on imagination and creativity.

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